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Bring data accessibility to your MLS. 

Lundy, Inc.'s goal is to produce the most comprehensive property search engine available by voice for the MLSs who would like to be more inclusive with their data. Lundy is the most cost-effective solution for consumers who are blind or visually impaired and is powered by Amazon's Alexa products. 

Finding Homes
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Our MLS Partners

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Proudly serving over 450,000 agents and counting 

Real estate has an accessibility challenge. 

12M people over 40 years old in the US are visually impaired

1M are legally blind

Real estate data is only conveyed visually through images and text 

Millions cannot "view" real estate in a meaningful manner

Vision disability is one of the top 10 disabilities among adults 18+ years

93M adults in the U.S. are at high risk for serious vision loss

Access to MLS data has not increased in a thoughtful or affordable way

Tech can and should be used for good causes

Anna Barrett Business Insider 

"As a real estate agent, it has been illuminated to me how inaccessible the current marketing stratagems in the real estate industry are towards blind or visually impaired individuals."

How Lundy improves your MLS accessibility 

By partnering with the MLS, Lundy will syndicate its entire listing database to an Alexa skill, making it easily accessible by anyone with a device or free mobile app. 


First, we clean up your MLS data. 

To begin, Lundy will remove any irrelevant fields provided by the MLS. It will then take the most important data and group it with like fields and deliver them in small but informative sentences. The skill will suggest the groups available to the consumers who are interacting with a property. 

All remaining fields will be available if asked about. Alexa will also send a complete list of available fields to the user's Alexa app so they know what they can ask. A consumer can also ask for the complete list to be said out loud by the device. 


Then, we use natural language AI to prepare your data for voice responses. 

Lundy takes the raw MLS data and runs it through natural language processing AI to generate smooth, clear voice responses to enhance the consumer's experience. This is the intelligent core of our technology. 

GPT can understand and generate natural language responses, and can even detect the sentiment of a conversation and adjust its responses accordingly. It has the ability to generate multiple responses to a given prompt, allowing it to simulate the variability and unpredictability of human conversation. 


Last, we deliver your data in complete sentences, with the voice of Alexa. 

Consumers will be able to search by property address or set a search by telling Alexa what property characters they desire, listing specifications about prices, bedrooms or bathrooms, for example. They will also be able to receive notifications at home through their Alexa device, mobile notifications through the Alexa app, text messages, and email when a new property is listed or when there is a price correction. 

MLS to Alexa
People using Finding Homes with Alexa
"Alexa, tell me about the kitchen."
"Alexa, what appliances does this home have?"
"Alexa, what's included in the HOA?"


Merri Jo Cowen, CEO Stellar

"Finding Homes is exactly the right tool for MLSs to bring all consumers to the table with equity and inclusion. The right place and right time to bring innovative solutions to open the market even further by voice search." 

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