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Lundy and Realcomp II Ltd. Provide Voice-Enabled Search for Real Estate Properties

June 3, 2024

San Diego — June 3, 2024 — Lundy, Inc., the most comprehensive property search engine available by voice, is revolutionizing the real estate industry with the launch of voice-enabled search capabilities for real estate searches throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. This capability is available through the multiple listing service (MLS) Realcomp II Ltd., which provides access to all current listings.

Now, potential homebuyers can search for properties using voice commands by interacting with Alexa, the Amazon Echo voice-activated system.

How consumers can interact with the new technology:

Anyone can use their Alexa device or the Alexa app to start a search using the prompts. Once they launch the skill, they can use natural language to ask about any listing.

●     “Alexa, start finding homes.”

●     “Alexa, launch finding homes.”

What the enhanced technology does for the consumer:

The user can refine a search with extensive detail. Alexa understands search criteria preferences such as location, budget, number of rooms, and specific scenarios described by the user.

●     “I’m looking for a home with a spacious kitchen where I can host family meals.”

●     “I need a fenced backyard for my two dogs.”

How this differs from current real estate search capabilities:

Now, Finding Homes with Realcomp, consumers can easily search for a property without relying on a dropdown menu or having to sift through multiple pages of results. Instead, the user can speak their desired criteria and it is delivered to them. Anytime during the search, users can improve their query by adding additional details.

What real estate leaders are saying:

Karen Kage, CEO of Realcomp II Ltd., explained how Finding Homes will improve agents’ capabilities, “This technology is intuitive, high-tech, and readily accessible for all. Realcomp subscribers, their clients, and consumers across the board will benefit from its ease of use and comprehensive reach.”

“In just 8 months, we've witnessed remarkable advancements in this technology, from its initial introduction to us to now being launched,” said Michael S. Young, President of Realcomp. “It's truly thrilling to lead the way in bringing this innovation to our subscribers, their clients, and consumers everywhere.”

“We knew there was a need for a natural and instinctive way to communicate dynamic listings to agents and consumers,” said Justin Lundy, CEO of Lundy, Inc. “With Alexa, we have built an informational hub that accomplishes exactly that. We aim to produce the most comprehensive property search engine available by voice. It is poised to be the preferred medium for real estate discovery.”

The service is now free to Realcomp subscribers, clients, and consumers throughout the Metropolitan area. Anyone can launch Finding Homes with a simple inquiry, “Alexa, start finding homes.”

About Realcomp II Ltd.

Based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Realcomp II Ltd. proudly celebrates 30 years as a pioneer in delivering trustworthy real estate data, cutting-edge software solutions, and unparalleled customer service that empower real estate professionals to thrive in their businesses. Learn more at


About Lundy Inc.

Lundy Inc. is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its innovative voice interface, Finding Homes, which offers access to property listings through voice command, made possible by its LundyAI Core language-modeling technology. The company equips agents and brokers with the capabilities of superpowered voice assistants, significantly elevating their operational effectiveness and establishing new industry benchmarks.

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