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Bring data accessibility to your MLS at no cost. 

Lundy, Inc.'s goal is to produce the most comprehensive property search engine available by voice for MLSs who would like to be more inclusive with their data. Lundy has developed a FREE version of Finding Homes, eliminating the cost barrier to accessibility. 

Finding Homes
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Proudly serving over 450,000 agents and counting 

Real estate has an accessibility challenge. 

12M people over 40 years old in the US are visually impaired

1M are legally blind

Real estate data is only conveyed visually through images and text 

Millions cannot "view" real estate in a meaningful manner

Vision disability is one of the top 10 disabilities among adults 18+ years

93M adults in the U.S. are at high risk for serious vision loss

Access to MLS data has not increased in a thoughtful or affordable way

Tech can and should be used for good causes

Anna Barrett Business Insider 

"As a real estate agent, it has been illuminated to me how inaccessible the current marketing stratagems in the real estate industry are towards blind or visually impaired individuals."

Introducing the LundyAI Core

All of our products are powered by the LundyAI Core - specifically designed and optimized for real estate data. This advanced, natural language AI not only creates an intuitive, conversational experience for homebuyers, it also unlocks new capabilities for superpowered agent tools. 

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Pathways to Accessibility for Your Members and Market

Tools for Accessibility

Finding Homes Access

Finding Homes PRO


Advanced Voice Assistants

Voice Add/Edit

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Merri Jo Cowen, CEO Stellar

"Finding Homes is exactly the right tool for MLSs to bring all consumers to the table with equity and inclusion. The right place and right time to bring innovative solutions to open the market even further by voice search." 

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