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Webinar Recap: Finding Homes Access and Finding Homes Pro

With the introduction of Finding Homes Access, LundyAI Core is changing the home search game for consumers everywhere.

Recently, Justin Lundy, founder and CEO of Lundy, hosted a highly anticipated webinar to unveil the newest capabilities of Finding Homes. Over 100 eager attendees, including Multiple Listing Services (MLS) executives and staff, gathered online for this event. After weeks of preparation, the anticipation was palpable as everyone was eager to discover the future of real estate and the groundbreaking updates to Finding Homes. These updates, as demonstrated by Justin, are set to revolutionize the home search game for all consumers.


For anyone who missed the event, here are the details of how the presentation went.

Justin introduced two straightforward ways to bring Finding Homes to any MLS in the country. First, there is Finding Homes Access, a user-friendly application that has all the essential features to get the MLS started. Justin explained that this is absolutely free for any MLS seeking to tackle accessibility in their market, with the goal of reaching more users. The Finding Homes Access platform, in partnership with the local MLS, makes all of the MLS listings accessible through any Alexa device or the Alexa app and includes a new way to search: by scenario.

Image of Justin in front of slides alongside an Alexa device
CEO, Justin Lundy, announcing Finding Homes Access and Finding Homes Pro.

By 'scenario', we mean endless possibilities! The consumer engages with Alexa and describes the attributes they are seeking in their next home. Whether it's a large kitchen for entertaining, a fenced-in yard for pets, or an extra bedroom for guests, all they need to do is ask. If a family is growing, the consumer can ask Alexa to help them find a home that has multiple bedrooms with the potential for a nursery. The scenarios are truly limitless, sparking excitement and curiosity about the potential of Finding Homes!

After the MLS engages Lundy to participate in Finding Homes Access, they can upgrade to Finding Homes Pro, which includes all the features available on the Access plan, plus advanced searchability such as room comparisons between properties (think about attributes of the kitchen that are available at one property that are not available at another!). These innovations are revolutionizing the home shopping process, providing more interactive and detailed information about each property listed on the MLS.

Furthermore, Justin explained that several enhancements and even more features are being released regularly. An MLS can upgrade from Finding Homes Access to Pro quickly, but the first step is to be a Finding Homes Access partner. It is that simple.


Lundy is ready to work with any MLS and provide custom solutions tailored to the needs of each market.

It is time to let every consumer in the country summon Alexa with the magic words, "Alexa, start Finding Homes." To learn more, reach out and tell Lundy that you are ready for "ACCESS" to the newest capabilities and let consumers start their home search hands-free with the most powerful data available to them, the Multiple Listing Service.


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