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Lundy Appoints Jim Grady as Chief Technology Officer

Updated: May 29

Lundy, the most comprehensive property search engine available by voice, has announced that Jim Grady will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer. As such, Grady will be responsible for the continual advancement of Lundy’s technology, which makes property data available on the Multiple Listing Service accessible by voice on the Amazon Alexa platform.

Headshot of Jim Grady, CTO of Lundy

Grady, who has more than 20 years of engineering leadership experience and worked previously at Noa Technologies, co-founded Lundy in 2019 with CEO Justin Lundy. Grady’s expertise was critical in developing the natural language processing technology that creates a conversational interface enabling users to search for and learn about homes for sale.

Now, Grady will join the Lundy team full-time as CTO, guiding the development of its cutting-edge technology with the mission to make real estate listings more accessible to the blind and visually impaired, while also benefiting consumers who want quick access to real estate prices and facts by voice.

“We are thrilled to have Jim on board full-time as Lundy’s CTO,” said CEO Justin Lundy. “Without Jim’s unmatched skills and expertise in the complicated nuances of voice technology, Lundy would not be where it is today, helping millions of consumers easily search for a home. I cannot wait to see the new heights Lundy will reach with Jim at the forefront.”

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