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Finding Homes Access is Available for Free to Any Multiple Listing Service in the Country

To power the country’s most comprehensive voice-activated real estate search capabilities, every MLS can participate for free and consumer interaction is always free.

Finding Homes Access stands out as a game-changer in the real estate ecosystem, offering a unique proposition enabling voice technology to promote home search accessibility. Lundy is dedicated to breaking down barriers and bridging the gap for individuals with disabilities in their home-search journey. 

Any Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can use the Finding Homes Access innovative platform for free and leverage its capabilities to improve searchability for users. With a comprehensive set of features, Finding Homes Access makes it a breeze for individuals with disabilities to find suitable housing. All it takes is a simple command, “Alexa, start Finding Homes.”

Why is Lundy offering Finding Homes Access for free?

Perhaps the answer to “Is it really free?” starts with the “why” for Lundy’s Founder and CEO Justin Lundy. He became acutely aware of home search challenges faced by the visually impaired and blind individuals while he was a real estate agent in San Diego. A rare eye disease left his mother-in-law blind and, consequently, unable to enjoy a favorite pastime, browsing through real estate listings. The content relies so heavily on images and lengthy text descriptions. Diving in deeper, he learned around 12 million people in the U.S. visually impaired, and 93M adults in the U.S. are at high risk for severe vision loss. For Lundy, it presented an unacceptable barrier to the American Dream for too many, and he felt he could help.

Is Finding Homes Access free for any MLS, regardless of size? What is the catch?

Yes, Finding Homes Access is indeed free and available to any MLS in the country. There are no hidden costs or ulterior motives behind Lundy’s decision to make the Alexa skill available to consumers nationwide. Lundy’s primary aim is to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals looking to incorporate the latest and most advanced artificial intelligence technology into their MLS suite of services. By making the Alexa skill widely available, Lundy hopes to empower more potential homebuyers with a cutting-edge tool that helps make finding a home possible. In the best of circumstances, the search for a home is a daunting process. Lundy is committed to constantly improving and updating its platform, ensuring users always have access to the most innovative and reliable AI technology to search for homes. There is no catch – just a genuine desire to revolutionize home searches for a broader and more diverse group of American dream seekers.

What does it mean users can "search by scenario" with the Finding Homes technology? 

Finding Homes is about more than just connecting agents, buyers, and sellers. The platform offers a unique ‘search by scenario’ feature (with great examples here featured on the Lundy YouTube channel) that allows users to search for properties based on their specific wants and needs for a new home. Whether users are seeking additional rooms to accommodate a growing family or a spacious kitchen for hosting family and friends, users can specify those details. The platform also provides filtering options such as location and price range, helping users find their ideal home based on features and budget.

Okay, Finding Homes Access is free to the MLS, but is Lundy upselling the platform to real estate professionals?

Every MLS subscriber can obtain Finding Homes Access and benefit from its capabilities through the MLS. Real estate professionals do not have to pay separate fees to use it. 

Contact us to learn how to bring Finding Homes Access to your MLS.

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